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Exchange Rates incorrect response
Hi, While testing the Exchange Rates API, with different basecurrencies, I found that the response is incorrect. For example if I make the following request:  GET /rate/v1/fxrates?apikey=....&currencies=JOD%2CQAR&basecurrency=QAR HTTP/1.1 with basecurrency = QAR and currencies = JOD and QAR, we get the following response:   { "metadata": { "type": "FX-Rate", "hasMore": false, "limit": null, "offset": null, "count": 0 }, "basecurrency": "QAR", "quotes": { "JOD": { "rates": { "buy": 1, "sell": 1 }, "descriptions": { "en": "Jordanian Dinar", "ar": "دينار أردني" } }, "QAR": { "rates": { "buy": 0.19009, "sell": 0.19788 }, "descriptions": { "en": "Qatari Riyal", "ar": "ريال قطري" } } } }   How can it be correct while the exchange rate for the QAR to JOD = 1 and from QAR to QAR is different ?  

this API currently supports

this API currently supports one base currency which is JOD, in the near future, will support other base currencies

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