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Payment apis
Hi, All  I am Mario from Tanda app backend team. 1- is there any documentation describing the payment API flow? 2- we are building a Mobile app so do you have SDK to integrate with or web view? PS we now successfully get your token mentioned here  Please 

Payment apis

Dear Mario,

Before answering to your two questions, please note that our payment and account information APIs are based on UK's Open Banking standards and PSD2, there is a lot of content by the authors describing the standards (it is a long read but can help you get a better picture).

As far as our Documentation goes, each API endpoint has an interactive documentation explaining the request parameters. As well as further explanation and sequence diagrams showing the payment/account info flow in the "Getting Started" guides here

The APIs are RESTful in nature, so they are stateless. This means that every succesful call to submit a payment or transfer, there are 5 other API calls before it. (to the user this is 2 clicks: "pay", and "login and consent to pay") but underneath that there are 4 requests: 1- client_credentials token, 2- paymenet initiation, 3- authorization redirect where the user is redirected to Arab Bank login page, 4- authorization_code token, 5- Payment submission. Each endpoint of these 5 endpoints requires different parameters and values, and each request is dependent on a variable from the call before it. The flow is shown in the sandbox HERE.

So, the token you mentioned in your post above will be valid for a short period of time, it is used for client credentials grant type which helps establish that the request is coming from a trusted App (Tanda).

2 - Currently SDKs are not released yet.


Hope things are a clearer. I advise you to read about oAuth2.0 and OpenID connect if the provided documentation is still not enough. Our payment and account info APIs are heavily reliant on on these two security frameworks. 




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