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Lina Abu Nuwar
Payment Initiation API: POST /payments
I received this error: please help me figure out what it could be the reason   HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
Thu, 06 Dec 2018 15:03:49 GMT
{ "fault": { "faultstring": "Failed to Resolve Variable : policy(Verify-JWT) variable(appPublicKey)", "detail": { "errorcode": "steps.jwt.FailedToResolveVariableException" } } }

Payment Initiation API: POST /payments


Thanks for sharing your issue on the forum, first of all, were you able to successfully obtain an Access Token from the initial GET /token request? If so, then your problem is not with the public key, but with the 'x-jws-signature' header of this request. To solve this error,  you need to specify the body of your /payments request, then sign it using your public/private key pair, and append the resulting JWT in the ‘x-jws-signature’ field in the header parameters of POST /paymnets. 


Things to note: The previously-obtained Access token will need to be included in the /payments ‘Authorization’ header preceded by the ‘Bearer keyword’, keep in mind that the access token has a 30 minutes TTL.


You can find a sample body payload for initiating payments in the interactive API documentation under the ‘description’ tab in the Request Body section. Link to doc: https://developer.arabbank.com/payment-apis-v1-0/apis/post/payments


A successful request will return a “PaymentID”, “Status”, and “CreationDateTime”, the PaymentID will then be used in the oAuth /authorize request in the “request” query parameter (which is also a JWT).


If you are still getting an error from POST /payments, kindly share the request parameters and we will try to replicate your issue and give you the specific solution.


Kind regards,

Samer from Arab Bank

Team Tanda
App enrollment still pending
Hello,   We are trying to integrate some of the APIs into our mobile application, but the request has been pending for some time now. Please let us know if further information is required to continue the process.   Thanks, Ghaith

App Enrollment still pending

Hi Ghaith, your app is now approved :) you can view your app's client credentials, registered API products, and your API consumption analytics under the "My Apps" section of this portal. In case you wish to Edit your app to enroll in new API products, their status will again be "pending" until it is approved by the bank.

Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to post your question on the forum under a new topic, or contact us directly on GMDevportal@arabbank.com.jo

P.S as part of our API security (oAuth2.0 and OIDC), You will need to create a public/private key pair as explained in the technical guide in this page, and share your public key with us so we can associate it with your app.

Happy coding!

Best regards,

Ramez Sweiss from Arab Bank

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