Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this website for?

Arab Bank's developer portal is the bank's digital portal aiming to accelerate developer engagement with Arab Bank's APIs through our APIs. This portal provides all the required information and tools for third-parties to explore, experiment with, and consume our APIs within websites and mobile applications. This site is for software developers and engineers, if you think you're on the wrong Arab Bank website, then please visit our online banking site.


What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is standard that enables third party providers to develop new products and services through the use of APIs. Open Banking sets the standards to banks who wish to publish RESTful APIs to developers.


What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface is a mechanism which allows developers to create software that integrates with other programs. The APIs we provide are RESTful in nature, and are designed to help developers create banking-related functionalities in their app by allowing an easy and standardised way to integrate with Arab Bank's resource servers.

APIs will allow fintechs, banks, and online service providers to work together in order to provide new and innovative easy-to-use digital financial services.


What kind of data is available for developers?

Once you register on this site you will gain access to two categories of banking data. The first category is open data like ATM and branch locations, exchange rates, interest rates, and many more. Second category is customer-specific data such as accounts information, transaction information, and payment initiation and submission. Visit our interactive API documentation to know more about the available APIs we offer. 


Do I need to register in order to use the APIs?

Due to the secure nature of banking data, the developer is required to register on this portal in order to create "apps" and obtain an API key. The registration process is instant, but the developer app will need to be approved by the bank once they create an app on the portal. Once approved, the developer will obtain the client (API) key which grants access to API products.


How do I use APIs in my application?

We have a detailed documentation on how to make your first API call on the getting started page. You can also find code snippets, and an interactive API documentations for any API product you wish to use. The interactive smart docs will help developers set up the API in their website or application in just a few minutes. Keep in mind that there are a few initial steps that the application developer must do before making the first API call, such as understanding JSON Web Tokens and generating a public/private key pair for their application.


How do I test my app?

We provide a complete sandbox environment designed to help developers test their app. The mechanism for making API calls against mock data on the sandbox environment is exactly the same as the one for the Live environment. So, once your app is tested against the sandbox, you can integrate to the Live environment simply by changing the sandbox API URI to our Live API URI. Visit our sandbox for more information about the mock data. 


Are there any sample REST Clients I can use to test your APIs request/response?

Yes, you can use Postman or Google's REST client to call our APIs and understand more about the payloads, request headers, and query parameters. Also, our smart docs provide the same functionality whereas you can see all the required parameters and call our APIs directly from the smart docs on this portal.


I have a specific question related to a particular API, how do I reach out?

You can post all your questions/suggestions/discussions on our Forum page, where you can interact with other developers as well as API experts. For private questions, you can contact